Diversity Is A Strategic Advantage?

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Why do you agree or disagree that diversity is a strategic advantage? Diversity in an important aspect in the work place since the world is changing and organizations are forced to evolve with changing times. Diversity in the workplace entails bringing together different people from various backgrounds, education levels, point of views, and ways of thinking. This kind of diversity promotes innovation and is a major contributor to the cultural identity of successful organizations. Global demographic trends coupled with social cultural shifts have brought about increased pressure on organizations to embrace diversity, especially in U.S. As stated by McInnes (1999), “more and more organizations are embracing policies and practices to value diversity in their work forces as a way to increase competitiveness, build talent, expand organizational capabilities, and enhance access to diverse customers.” Diversity becomes an important strategy in an organization only when it is intentionally promoted and encouraged. When we allow diversity to become a vital factor in decision-making and planning, it becomes a powerful business strategy because it allows room for discussion and expression of ideas from various demographics and backgrounds. If truly embraced and cultivated, diversity can be a strategic advantage that moves an organization to higher levels. When employees feel respected, and their dissimilarities are accommodated and not frowned upon, they are at peace and are
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