Diversity Is A Wonderful Thing?

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Diversity Diversity means that there are many different kinds of things, also means a group of people who are from different ethnic, languages, religions, beliefs, cultural traditions which exist in one community (Cockrell, Placier, Cockrell & Middleton, 1999). In these days, we are witnessing many of the ethnic diversity in all areas, including education. Ethnic diversity has become an important issue that must be considered carefully and find out its positive and negative aspects. Ethnic diversity is a wonderful thing because it allows people to get to know each other, and share cultural aspects. Additionally, it reduces the chances of developing bias, racism. As we know, many different cultures absolutely have positive and negative effects. Therefore, we must admit that learning to respect and appreciate each other 's cultural and stylistic differences and becoming aware of unconscious assumptions and behaviors that may influence our interactions will enable us to minimize the challenges and derive maximum benefits from diversity. Diversity experiences can promote students’ learning and affect on critical thinking skill that is one of the most important goals of education (McMillan, 1987). One of the richest things for enhancing student learning in the classroom is the diversity of students themselves (Lynn,1998). So how does diversity effect on students, teachers and parent? Students Each child comes to the classroom with a wide pattern of differing experiences outside
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