Diversity Is A Wonderful Thing?

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Diversity can be defined as people who come together from different races, religions and nationalities. Diversity is for us to understand and value the differences within the people around us. In my perspective, diversity is a wonderful thing because it gives me the chance to experience things outside of my normal comfort zone and to experience things that other people are normally accustomed to. I am the only Armenian in my group therefore, the way I think, the way I present myself is much different then my group members who are from a different nationality and have a different religion as myself. Alex hung out a lot with her grandparents such as myself. She has a monkey doll that she was attached (68) with and would take it everywhere just as I would with my stuffed doll. Her parents are divorced and her father had left around the age of four and she hasn 't seen her father since. Every Saturday morning Alex would go to dance class with her mother. She enjoyed it so much because after practice, she would go and get ice cream (mint-chocolate chip). There was this one time where Alex was so excited to get ice cream where she had grabbed the cone and it ice-cream and fallen on the ground and she then started to whine and cry and her mother had disappeared for a few minutes and when she had looked back, her mother brought her a new ice-cream with a bowl and spoon on it so the ice-cream wouldn’t fall. There are many similarities as well as differences within our family. I
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