Diversity Is Defined As Individuals Uniting From Different Cultural Groups

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Diversity is defined as individuals uniting from different cultural groups, such as nationalities, races, sexes, age, social class and religion, to form a community where their differences are valued and respected. It includes a variety of people who have personal or cultural differences. Diversity is not the background an individual is from; it is their distinctive difference between them and others in the world. It prepares people to have a deep respect and understanding of various people. This allows people to build relationship with others outside their culture and acknowledges them regardless of their differences. Society is diverse with just the existence of individuals; there is diversity between people in the same group, which includes their physical appearance, nationality, gender, and religion. With the broad range of individuals, it is difficult to classify a distinct culture. We were all born into a culture; our cultural views begin in our families, and continue to be shaped by our experiences. Each individual culture define our attitudes and behaviors and it is our guide for recognizing and interacting in the world. Moreover, the demographic makeup of America has changed in the past 25 years. Decades before, three in four Americans were white and soon they may no longer be the majority (Rothenberg and Mayhew 211). America’s minority population, approximately 30 percent, is estimated to “exceed 50 percent before 2050” (Kotkin). There will be no single majority
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