Diversity Is The Essence Of The Word Unique

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Diversity is the essence of the word unique. Diversity allows humans to acquire knowledge from fresh experiences, broadening the tendency to be narrow-minded. Diversity makes its prominent presence known in the work place, social groups/communities, and, of course, our home, Penn State. Finally, diversity brings innovation, allowing the world to progress in various aspects; however, without the division of paramount of diversity, referred to as biological diversity, life as the world knows it would cease to exist. Biodiversity is often times concealed to the naked eye. While there is an assortment of diverse organisms on the macroscopic level, biodiversity truly shines at a microscopic state. The diverse biological environment that homo sapiens thrive in can be attributed to the “little guys” or microorganisms, who have benefited humans in the past, present, and, will, in the future. Biodiversity is an essential facet to life on earth, benefitting not only myself, but all humans; therefore, it should be measured and protected from threats, for without it life would, simply, not exist.
Biodiversity is an expansive word, encompassing numerous elements. Generically speaking, though, biodiversity is a “genetic variation within species, the variety of species in an area, and the variety of habitat types within a landscape.” (Lloyd 2014). Biodiversity is the impetus for dissimilarity in an ecosystem, seen by humans on a macroscopic scale daily. However, biodiversity to me, a food
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