Diversity Is The Human Race

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Gay. Straight. Black. White. Male. Female. Wealthy. Poor. Modern society has systematically sorted the human race into collections and communities of descriptive factors. Deeply embedded within a systematical labeling system, diversity has fell victim to the harmful segregation and prejudice of the past. Diversity is not about the inferior nor the morally corrupt. Diversity is not the hallow substance of labels. Diversity is culture, pride, and heritage.
To rural South Dakotans, diversity amongst the human race is rare. In the agricultural state I call home, variation lies not in the people but rather in the contrasting species of livestock and corn. Hailing from a town population of 3,025, any kind of knowledge about a social world beyond Hartford, South Dakota was limited. I set up my childhood moral system on a tainted blend of inaccurate perceptions and assumptions. A moral system which would ring true until I found myself as the diversity. I am my own diversity. I am the collection of the variant and the assortment of different. I am gay.
To answer any impending questions which may be surrounding one’s head at the current time, just lean towards the answer no. While some individuals may be born with the innate sense of who they are, I was not. Unfortunately, my sense of childhood identity came not from deep self-reflection and soul searching, but rather a combination of my restricted experiences and limited knowledge of the social world. I was not…
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