Diversity Issues Among Women Writers Essay

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Diverse women writers are just as important in the movie and television sector as their white male counterparts in Hollywood. Per several journal articles that have researched this issue, they have concluded that diversity issues among women writers have long been a struggle in Hollywood. These issues have raised questions, considering ticket sales have skyrocketed through the roof at the box office when movies and television shows included diverse characters. If given the right opportunity, diverse women writers can bring more compelling stories to the theaters that appeal to a vast number of women, since they count for more than half of the movie-going audience. The inequality in Hollywood continues to persist, as a push for diversity rights remains controversial. Women and minority writers are scarce in Hollywood 's writing rooms. Per the article “Hollywood’s Diversity Problem Begins in The Writing Room, New Study Shows,” diverse women writers are a rarity in Hollywood. The reason is quite simple. Women writers are not being acknowledged as much as they should be. Therefore, Hollywood intentionally disregards these creative and idealist human beings, as if they never existed. Researchers “Lyle Friedman, data scientist Matt Daniels, and Ilia Binderman,” have researched over 4,000 films using the Bechel test. Using the Bechdel test, these researchers have done a complete breakdown on films concerning women writers. The astonishing results are as follows: 28% of women are

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