Diversity Issues in Career Counseling Essay

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RUNNING HEAD: Diversity Issues in Career Counseling


This paper will give a brief overview of how bias, assumptions and diversity can impact the career counseling relationship. The impact of values, bias, and the ability to move beyond barriers in the counseling relationship is essential to successful outcomes in working with clients. The rationale for the appropriateness of multicultural counseling competency and the impact of culture in the counseling process will be discussed as will multicultural counseling in the framework of career counseling.

Culture & Counseling Counseling provides support, assistance and helps individuals to transition through developmental stages and life
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The self aware counselor will seek to learn multicultural approaches, integrate and respect the value of familial connections, self-references of the client, and cultural values and traditions as it relates to the therapeutic process (Capuzzi & Gross, 2003).
Multicultural Career Counseling It is important to be aware of one’s limitations, weaknesses and strengths in the delivery of counseling services. Taking into account the cultural values of the client, the support systems and the client’s view of the key parts of his or her makeup (the history of the client) are culture specific (because someone is of the same race does not mean that values will be the same) and does not discount the individual. Sue et al reminds us that multicultural counseling competency looks beyond racial and ethnic minorities and also includes disabilities, sexual orientation, age, and other special populations (Sue, et al, 1992). Zunker informs us that Sue, Ivey and Pederson recognized that a theory for multicultural counseling was necessary; the premise of this theory is that learning occurs within a cultural context, that cultural identity changes and that culture is both inclusive and broad (Sue, Ivey & Pederson 1996; Zunker, 2006).The sociopolitical
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