Diversity Makes Good Business Case

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According to the Oxford Advanced Learners’ Dictionary, “Diversity refers to variety in the field of concern. However, Leopold, J. et al (2005) refers to managing diversity as a belief that all individual differences should be valued and recognized. It is in this context that diversity has become center of concern in most organizations. It is believed that employing a more diverse workforce could enhance an organization’s service or products to a wider range of clients or customers. It is also said that diversity emphasizes for four main reasons, namely maximizing the resources available in the labour market, maximizing the potential within the organization’s workforce, creating business opportunities through the employment of a diverse…show more content…
It is said that, those firms that are more heterogeneous, are likely to attract best employees regardless of age, gender or ethnicity. Above all, firms that celebrate diversity, their work force is highly expected to be more committed to the employers because of the recognition and valuing of individual differences. To this context, cost associated with turnover and absenteeism will be reduced, Leopold, et al (2005). This implies that diversity can provide an organization with competitive advantage. For example a giant chemical firm DuPont, used input from African American work force to develop and successfully market agricultural products for small farmers in the South, Fred Luthans, (2011). It is reported that a multicultural team at DuPont enabled the firm to gain about forty five million Dollars in a new business worldwide. Coca cola is another truly world brand which is readily identified by consumers in virtually every country. With, this in mind, it can be agreed at a larger extent that diversity makes good business case. However, employing a diverse work force can present conflicts of interest and increase the complicity of managerial problem- solving and decision making. Some organizations reject employing women because they lack tenacity. It has been observed that when deadlines are tight at work place managers need people who are willing to spend more, time at the office, Luthans, (2011). However, firms that celebrate gender diversity at work place, have
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