Diversity Management And Its Impact On The World

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The advent of globalization and advances in technology have brought the people of the world closer together than ever before. As cross-border movement of goods, services, technology, and capital continues to rise, it has had a profound effect on an ever-changing workforce structure. In addition, important issues such as the equal rights and social justice movements have contributed to the increasingly diverse workforce in the twenty-first century. Diversity exists in an organization when its members differ from one another along one or more important dimensions (Kochan et al., 2003), such as sexual orientation, age, gender, religion, and disability. Organizations must learn to adapt to this new trend to remain competitive in the global…show more content…
Benefits of Diversity Management Programs Although the IT industry shares common characteristics with other industries, its unique features include the need for specially trained professionals who can stay current with technology demands in the industry. For IT organizations, recognizing and capitalizing on creating the best workforce is the key to winning or losing in today’s global markets. IT organizations can enhance organizational capital and improve human capital through diversity programs, leading to the goals of both cost savings for non-profit organizations and more profit for private organizations. Organizational Capital Organizational capital combines human skills and physical capital into systems for producing and delivering want-satisfying products (Evenson & Westphal, 1995). It can be divided into three broad components: workforce training, employee voice, and work design (Black & Lynch, 2005). Marketing image: reputation with government and other stakeholders. Investment in workforce diversity can enhance organizational capital by building a company’s marketing image. Governments have an important impact on organizations in most industries. Organizations have to abide by government policies and maintain good relationships both with governmental bodies and with other stakeholders. A research study
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