Diversity Management As A Method For Achieving Equal Treatments

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1. Diversity Management
Kersten (2000) defined diversity management as a method to achieving equal treatments that encourages employers to utilize and acknowledge individual differences within their workforce. These differences include both visible, such as age, gender and race, and invisible, such as sexual orientation, work experience and some aspects of disability. However, she also argued that there is no single definition of diversity management yet (Kersten, 2000). This absence has caused multiple interpretations of diversity management from employers that lead to inconsistencies and the dominance of expediencies of its practices (Thorpe, 2014a).
Wrench (2005) stated that diversity management focuses on the importance of
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This concern influenced by events in the US and New Zealand where the employers accepted diversity management practices to avoid being forced to apply the ‘hard’ option.
Diluting the focus on racial exclusion
This theme of critiques is based on the assumption that diversity management will reducing the attention to some underrepresented groups, such as black and women, that already suffered longer inequality treatments from the others. However, it is worth to note that practising diversity management will widen the range of people that deserve to receive equal treatments.

Encouraging ethnic reification
Some critics found there are some practices of diversity management that simplified ethnicity based on attributes that come from inaccurate perceptions of that ethnicity. Furthermore, Berg and Håpnes’s study in Norwegian organisations revealed that some employees even detest of being associated with their ethnic origin and preferred not to be treated differently from their Norwegian co-workers.
Replacing the moral with the business argument
Critics like Miller argue that moving from equal opportunity to diversity remove moral and ethical concerns and while it may increase the acceptance from employers, it contain long term weakness such as the idea that fighting inequality treatments only important if there are reasonable business
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