Diversity Management Focuses On The Heterogeneity Inside The Organizations

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Diversity management focuses on the heterogeneity inside the organizations. Diversity management was a response to the common situation when companies started to hire employees of various age, nationality, race, religion etc. It is based on the principle that the differences between people do not have to prevent them from working together. This is directly connected with the concept of ethical behavior. Generally ethics is defined as a moral code which is accepted in a concrete society, though there are cases when ethical does not mean everything that is legal. For example, slavery was legal in the United States society, but from now it is not the best manifestation of the ethical behavior (Schermerhorn, Davidson, Poole, Woods, 2012).…show more content…
Promoters of affirmative action maintain that these measures can assist to equalize the starting conditions and even out the playing field between those that are affiliated with minority groups and those not. This is contradicted by the fact that, if diversity management aspires to create a situation, wherein every individual feels valued and has the opportunity to improve himself. Then, all actions must be directed to creating equal opportunities for every individual, not only for members of relative individual groups. According to Paul Burstein, there are three competing views on affirmative actions those are:
 therapeutic actions which are measures which are necessary for the elimination of past discrimination;
 delicate balance these consist of providing help to the minority without harming the majority;
 aid without preferences meaning that nobody receive favorable treatment according to their identity with a specific group; In the United States there was a shift from the therapeutic actions to the aid without preferences course of action, the coining of the diversity management concept is a manifestation of this trend. Whilst the US reconsiders its approach to affirmative action, British companies, especially among the public sector, continue to engage in
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