Diversity Management Has Increased Improve Competitiveness Within The Business World

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Diversity management has increased to improve competitiveness within the business world. Diversity shows employees that they are valued for their differences and are accepted for who they are. In the USA, effective diversity management is a critical factor for companies to be successful. In Asia however there has been less focus given towards diversity and the greatest difference is how they approach diversity based on their culture. In Korea, by example, gender is considered an important diversity characteristic when in most western countries race and ethnicity is more accepted as diverse compared to gender which is more used when considering discrimination. Studies have shown positive effect of diversity management in the US but…show more content…
Females still tend to be committed to their job in certain cultures because of the barriers they face in the process of securing a job, and in that way they are more likely to stay with that same organization than a man would but it was vastly argued. Several studies were conducted and led to the conclusion that Korean men are more committed to their job because of the cultural context. Gender differences in performance are affected by other factors, be example, men perform better than women in a competitive setting but perform equally when in a non-competitive situation. Resources are a huge factor in a male-dominated cultural situation because female are often not allowed any or restricted access to those resources.
Most understand the meaning behind the world diversity but what about diversity management? This paper has a definition from (Pitts, 2009) diversity management on ensuring that all organizational functions and processes serve all employee effectively regardless of their gender, age, nationality, race, and physical conditions. Women tend to favor such practices as they are beneficiary of this as a minority group compared to men who fear changes in the power structure. There is no proof of that study-wise but as a hypothesis they predict “ There is a relationship between gender and perception of diversity management in a highly male-dominated context.” (Hye Kyong et al., 2014) Even with that first hypothesis they have a
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