Diversity Management Strategies

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Diversity management strategies

IBM diversity management within the work place

As explained by John (2011) IBM is the one of the biggest multinational company they are hires more than 400,000 employees over 200 countries. They recruit scientists, sales professionals, consultants and engineers. Even in the department level there are various background peoples working together for achieve common goal. So the managing several background employees are very important to increase productivity and team cohesiveness. . There are several measures that have been taken by IBM relate to diversity management. Others are,

Ensure employees fully participate as partner
According to argument of Edwin (2008) The Company had six months ‘global executive task force’ which was establish in 1995 for equal facilitating to opportunities within the firm. Executive invite all the group members to participate with them actively for showing a diversity difficulties or challenges. This method is used at the small scale which can ensure the mutual trust, expectation, diversity goals. This method is very good since it tells that organisation is like to take advices or suggestions from the employee and considering playing a significant role in the decision making process of the IBM. Further more employees have very good chance to develop or communicate the executives face to face. That process makes employees and executives more understandable. This understanding is simplifies the organisational
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