Diversity Mission Statement

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Our district’s mission and focus is to educate students to be well rounded members of society. To that end, we must embrace and prepare them for the large scale global economy they will need to compete in. Daily our world becomes more connected. Social media and convenient travel increases our exposure to cultures and classes that we may never have been introduced to. Therefore, to fully educate the students of our district, it necessary for us to create and implement strategies to help them understand and embrace the diversity of our world. I have assembled a committee of teachers, parents, and business members of our community to help draft a plan to help us form and focus a plan we can commit to. This plan will not only educate our…show more content…
We affirm that meaningful learning is a lifelong process involving home, school, and community. The district is committed to practices that will teach students to appreciate diversity and recognize its necessity in a democratic society aiding students in continuing the lifelong learning process. Priorities of this commitment include removing prejudice, cultural barriers, and discrimination that may occur regardless of intention or not. The district recognizes that students need to be educated about social justice and equity while learning to accept and respect those that are not the same as they are. To achieve this requires that the district’s faculty also treat students and each other with acceptance and respect. Students should be prepared to thrive in a society that is multicultural and interconnected globally. Lifelong learners need an appreciation for the various cultures and their innate differences which bring about greater problem solving when each group’s contribution may be
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