Diversity Of A New Rocket Ship

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The topic of diversity is an ever-growing discussion to encourage inclusion of different people, cultures, and backgrounds into the global marketplace. In my issue paper, I will explore the idea of diversity, its benefits, and how it can be included within key sectors of the business world. Diversity is an important factor to the business place that allows employees and customers to interact with companies that value their background as an essential part of their business plan company culture. There are a myriad of benefits that diversity brings can bring to a company but most of my readings reflected on three main ideas of driving innovation, bettering recruitment, and capturing the global market. Diversity of race, gender, and social view can increase innovation and creativity. How does diversity do this? When different people are brought together to complete a task or solve a problem, they are bringing different information, perspective, and opinions. The need for diversity of expertise is obvious: the building of a new rocket ship requires the expertise of designers, engineers, and quality-control experts. But informational diversity brings unique dimensions and experiences to thinking through a task. Oftentimes being with those that are similar to us can lead us to think that we hold the same details and information or share the same perspective, which hinders creativity and innovation. Being in diverse groups can lead us to asking more questions and more

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