Diversity Of Diversity At The Workplace

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In this week’s integrated article, review, I am focusing on diversity at the workplace. This is a topic very relevant and important for any organizations success. Diversity at the workplace refers to any characteristic that makes people different from one another.
Today’s workforce is a diverse mix in terms of age, gender, ethnicity, generational attitudes. It is important for an organization to adopt diversity management practices to bring this diverse mix together into a stable productive unit.
The marketplace is more global driven by advances in communication and technology. For many organizations, managing diversity at the work place is an integral part of their culture. Management of diversity makes every employee sensitive to the needs and differences of others. In the first article, “Diversity management practices do they make a difference”1 a study was conducted on diversity management practices adopted by local governments in recruiting, hiring and retaining a diverse workforce.
I found this article interesting because it reviews how diversity is managed from the grassroots level in a government setting. It was suggested that a diversified workforce could solve problems in a better way due to their diverse perspectives and skills and thereby increase organizational performance.
A study was conducted to examine the effects of diversity management at the local government and was categorized into two types. In type A Diversity management practice focus was on

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