Diversity Of Our Nation 's English Language Learners

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Diversity Data The diverse population encompassing our schools today are vast. The demographics of our nation are ever changing. Our individual states are having their dynamics altered as migration happens and change becomes the norm. Our counties and cities are evolving as well. Everywhere we look change is happening. We can see this by looking around, however we can justify our thoughts and feelings of change by looking at the cencus and changes in numbers within different populations. Looking at our nation as a whole I see a large ethnic racial group and I notice many families speaking languages other than English. I personally do not know another language and perhaps this stands out to me since I do not understand what they are saying. According to our nation 's English language learners population grew by 80% in the last decade (National News). It is the fastest growing student population in the nation now at 10.5%(National News). Nationally I see many families in need financially. I notice our church trying to provide assistance for more families but only 21% of our nation is below poverty level. Ethnic racial grops are much different that I personally thought. According to the Pew Research Center nationally there are 66% white, 15% hispanic, 12% black, 4% Asian, 1% Indian, and 1% more than one cluture. These numbers are much different that I expected, however I am not sure what I truly expected. According to research whites are more likely to take college
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