Diversity Of Religions, Perceptions, Culture, Ideologies, And Belief Systems

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1. Introduction
Diversity of religions, perceptions, culture, ideologies and belief systems is an objective reality. Many Qur’anic verses have treated the issue of diversity. Even Islam is a true religion in the sight of God; there is no restriction for respecting other religions and their adherents. No one is allowed to force to embrace God’s religion. According to the Qur’an,the social differences are recognized to show greatness of the Creator and not to show the superiority among one another in terms of colour, language, religion or race. Western scholar Watt writes, “One of the distinctive marks of Islam, compared with other great world-religions, is the variety of people and races who have embraced it, and among whom there has
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Nowadays, the term “Islamophobia” is purposely propagated by some extreme fanatic clerics all over the world through various tools of communication. People have been influenced and affected by the magical terminologies against Islam and Muslims such as radical Islam, fundamentalist Islam, Jihad, sex Jihad, militant Islam, Islamism, etc. This constant instilling of the poisonous prejudice against Islam and Muslims results pejorative Islamophobic reactions in the minds of people. So, discrimination prevails everywhere that threatens the peaceful coexistence. This happens because of lack of understanding of unique quality of the principles taught by Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) based on revelation from the Lord. However, Muslims should persist fostering and reinforcing the coexistence as the model offered by Prophet Muhammad (PBUH).
2. Prophet’sRoleModel for Peaceful Coexistence
In the Islamic era, a society was built by Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) in his lifespan, consisting of Jews, Muslims, Christians, Sabians and Magianswho lived together in peace and harmony. This experience of the Prophet inhis period is a good example for the whole mankind to establish the coexistence. The Grand Mufti, Professor AliCuma derived four models developed by the Prophet (PBUH) for the concept of coexistence. They are:

The first
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