Diversity Of Thought And What A Person Looks Like Essay

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Diversity of Thought Diversity in itself differs from diversity of thought. Diversity appeals more to what a person looks like. Diversity of thought appeals more to how a person thinks and processes information based on their perceptions and experiences. Diversity of thought is a process that involves how individuals think and formulate resolutions to challenges faced by their respective companies. “Looking diverse” is not enough. TCCC must make a commitment to being attentive by applying corrective action where it it needed and redefining their approach to diversity recruitment. This includes embracing non-traditional attitudes and increasing global interactions. 4.3 Programs Happi-ness Hour The goal of these informal gatherings is to improve organizational communication while providing a light-hearted environment for employees to build personal relationships and celebrate ongoing achievements. Each ‘Happi-ness Hour’ begins with informal remarks from the CEO who shares important news and information about the company, recognizes new and departing employees, and announces upcoming staff birthdays. Following these highlights, employees have the opportunity to socialize and enjoy light refreshments. ‘Happiness’ Hour can also take on a unique cultural theme that allows employees to learn more about the backgrounds of their colleagues. Intranet blog This blog can be accessed by all employees, “Conversations with Muhtar.” The goal of this blog is to engage employees
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