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Anorexia Nervosa
Texas State University- San Marcos
Critchfield- Jones
COMM 1310: Fundementals of Human Communication
Leighann Gardner

Anorexia Nervosa My name is Alex. I have anorexia nervosa. Since I was thirteen years old I have struggled with the crippling fear of gaining weight and a completely distorted view of myself. I was insecure and focused on weight at a very early age and continuously obsessed with body image throughout high school. I grew up in Dallas, Texas until I was about twelve and then I moved with my father to a small town in south Texas. When I began 8th grade I started to develop as many girls and boys did around that time. It wasn’t terrible at first until I started gaining weight with puberty. I saw the
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I should shift and cut the food on my plate as I distracted those around me with engaging conversation. The curtain of denial wore thinner while my veil of deception became more opaque. I stopped having my period completely by sixteen. I was warped in the delusion of feminine culture and what society had described beauty to be. The look of square shoulders and concave stomachs was more than a goal but a state of mind. In school I felt like everyone knew I was fat. There was no doubt in my mind they watched me with the same disgust I found I had for myself. I couldn’t tell anyone my concerns about my health. Of course these were not the same concerns one with crippling insecurity about weight and appearance but more of how could I last the day without getting too dizzy. How could I stop from falling asleep in class or sleeping as soon as I got home. Hiding became a way of life. The distorted view of myself was due to what would later be diagnosed as anorexia nervosa.
I did not keep an open mind to alternative perspectives at that time. My father and step-mother had expressed concerns before and I was becoming more aggressive and irritable with every accusation. I knew that my relationships with those around me were tested by my actions.
A particular incident led to the crucial point of finally recognizing what was happening to me. Not only recognizing but it was the first time I felt scared
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