Diversity Program

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Case Study University athletic department, responsible for marketing, ticket sales, customer relations, corporate relations, student relations, alumni connections, and community connections. The diversity program has been lax at best, with half of the staff comprised by student interns, adhering to a standardized diversity protocol has proven to be a challenge. Ushering in the new year, with a critical cultural crisis looming over America, it is imperative that businesses evaluate and implement diversity protocols that exceed expectations, in order to protect the university, employees, and customers. Taking the interns turnover into consideration, is it vital to create an effective and comprehensive diversity program. Whereas, the interns…show more content…
Core values are key components in the daily function of the university, staff, students and alumni alike, honor, respect, responsibility, and character. Implementing the core values, and mission statement, into the diversity program is imperative to successfully representing the university. By implementing a proper diversity program, the university will project a contemporary business initiative, while creating a culturally dynamic work and student learning environment.
Diversity Program The development of the universities diversity program embraces the idea that we all are valued; our unique perspective is monumental in both strength successes. Embracing diversity is radically different than tolerating diversity, it is imperative that the students and staff be aware that the university has a zero tolerance policy for all bigotry. The university strives to learn from the differences in people, their ideas, and opinions. Utilizing the acronym CRUSH as the code for the diversity program, will provide an environment of belonging for both students and staff.
CRUSH: Character, Respect, Understanding, Support &
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