Diversity Reflection

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Over the course of the semester, I received the privilege of spending my Monday afternoons with children at Discovery Elementary School in St. Cloud. I assisted in looking after the kids during their after-school program, Kidstop, and my responsibilities ranged from consoling teary eyes to assisting with the reading of a girl attending Spanish-immersion school. I genuinely enjoyed cultivating relationships with curious kids from numerous diverse backgrounds. The students at Discovery taught me valuable lessons as we played and laughed together. Throughout my volunteering experience, I utilized teaching styles and knowledge gained in Education 111 to include diverse learners, create a safe learning environment for everyone, and communicate effectively with students.
The first standard effective procedure (SEP) I utilized during my volunteering at Discovery was accommodating diverse learners (SEP 3). This SEP requires educators to recognize the diversity in their classroom and effectively address and include their multiple groups. The sub-SEP I used is 3.4H, which states that educators must understand diversity and actively provide connections into the curriculum. To me, this SEP is important because it centers around refusing to be “colorblind” and ignoring the various backgrounds in a classroom. Growing up in Sartell, this SEP vastly improved my ability to recognize and embrace diversity. Throughout my education, I was exposed to some economic diversity, but I met few
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