Diversity Reflection

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In class, we had three guest speakers that came to talk to our Diversity class. The first two were a pair, that included Wayne Hawk and Jewel Mosley-Edmonds. Hawk’s speech covered information on how to achieve the Child Abuse and Neglect Certificate, and Jewel spoke more in depth about the social work program. The third guest speaker was Jim Ritcher; who presented a lecture on privilege. Learning more about the Certificate of Child Abuse and Neglect was very interesting and persuading. As of now, I plan on acquiring it. This is going to be helpful in my future career as a marriage and family counselor because I will have the knowledge of how to help those kids who have been in abusive situations. It was surprising to hear that to acquire it the only requirements are to take two extra classes because our social work classes take care of the rest. This is extremely convenient because I barely have to go out of my way at all to get it. The courses I can choose from to take are very interesting courses so I will enjoy taking them. The choices are; either Introduction to Child Protection, or Exploring Child Welfare in Indiana. The class I am leaning to would be the Intro to Child Protection. In order to apply, I need at least a 2.5 GPA, and to be currently pursuing an undergraduate degree. This is not a concern seeing that my GPA is above a 2.5 and also I am currently pursuing an undergraduate degree. The next guest speaker, Jewel; passed out a handout and spoke about the

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