Diversity Reflection Paper

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I completed my diversity experience at Cheshire High School, which is located in the wealthy suburban town of Cheshire. There are about 1,500 students in the school and administrative duties are split amongst one principal and three assistant principals. My day began with the weekly CORE meeting, which included the administration, social workers, special education teachers, the SRO officer, school nurse, the athletic director, and the school psychologist. During this meeting, the academic and social-emotional well-being of individual students was discussed openly with all members present. The staff highlighted the progress of SRBI students, students on academic probation, students attending the Humiston alternative school, and other students having difficulty adjusting to the high school. Intervention strategies were discussed and documented in order to address the needs of the school’s most challenging students.
Next, I joined the district’s administration at Dodd Middle School for instructional walkthroughs. We entered two math and two language arts classrooms and took notes on what was being said and done by both the students and teacher. Afterwards, we debriefed with the assistant superintendent. During this meeting, I indicated that while all the teachers I observed effectively used formative assessment to check for student understanding, the pacing and lack of differentiation in the classroom led to a loss of instructional time.
Throughout the rest of the

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