Diversity Reflection Paper

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Organizations are made up of people who are tasked to work together towards a wide range of goals and a good manager organizes and leads them to succeed while effectively managing the conflicts using cultural awareness. Mangers in organizations that embrace the conflict constructively can enhance innovation using different viewpoints, increase creativity, better competition and reduce the chance of group think. When I took the Personal Diversity Maturity Index one of the questions was “What is the most important reason to respond to diversity effectively?” The answer with the highest score was “It will make my company more competitive” which was the answer I chose because of what I learned during the research for this class. The success in making diversity an asset for an organization is understanding and learning from our differences. Studies have shown that conflict handling styles influence innovation, product performance and economic outcome (Gunkel, Schlaegel, & Taras, 2015, p. 568). Everyone looks at the world and interprets it through their own life experiences so the members of an organization have to strive to understand other perspectives and support diversity an inclusion of all team members’ ideas. Workplace diversity in an organization can provide many benefits but it can also create new challenges for employees and their managers. The organization I work for is in the tech sector and we have a modern competitively driven sales force. With that comes

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