Essay about Diversity Training

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Introduction In this paper, the role of HR Manager is assumed at a company that has recently received complaints from employees about a lack of inclusion. An overview for a training program on diversity and inclusion for your organization's first line supervisors will be presented. In addition to a plan for the types of exercises, role-playing, or activities that will maintain participant interest and enhance the learning outcome in the body of the training plan. The utilization of both "Social Learning Theory" and "Adult Learning Theory" will be displayed in this training plan. Provide rationale for the activities and how they relate to the two learning theories. Lastly, I will discuss how this diversity training can modify employee…show more content…
I believe that it is very important to gauge the pulse, those that may feel uncomfortable or left out would not otherwise express those feelings. Social Learning Theory Albert Bandura’s social learning theory expresses that people learn best by viewing others. Positive reinforcement such as praise or financial reward encourages repeat behavior while negative reinforcement such as punishment or monetary fines discourages it. Because of such, when training new employees, modeling is the best form of demonstration. The training demands are best suited when observing an experienced employee and then model his or her behavior. This cost-effective method takes place right in the workplace environment. The following steps are the steps in which Bandura's social learning theory thrives in an organization's training. Instead of simply telling employees what they want them to do, leaders should physically model the behavior, acting out the process they hope those under them will follow (Noe, 2013). It is important to lead by example, because training is primarily learned by modeling. In seeing the behavior modeled, employees can develop a more defined understanding of what the behavior entails and experience more success in carrying out the behavior in question. Encourage the employees to imitate your behaviors. After modeling, leaders should verbally encourage behavior imitation. They can do this in two ways. First, they
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