Diversity Training Needs Assessment

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Completing a Needs Assessment for Diversity Training In the 1980s, diversity training mainly consisted of training people to be aware of differences in gender and race in the workplace, and by the 1990s, diversity training was at the forefront of innovative training for business managers, addressing such issues as "age, sexual orientation, ethnic background, and religion" (Koonce, 2001, para 45).
According to Dr. Elaine K. Miller of the College of Business at Colorado State University, there is a driving force behind the push to embrace diversity in a business organization:
The changing US demographics, increasing globalization of business and pursuit of effective competition make it imperative for companies to implement programs for
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One indicator is the diversity of the workforce within that particular organization, which can be complicated when skilled managers are brought in from outside to manage an organization with employees that may have a different culture. "Corporate and independent diversity trainers say that the need for diversity programs is escalating. As companies expand their operations overseas and into new markets, there's a need to tap resident employee and leadership talent in those markets. Global sourcing of leaders is poised to become the next big leadership development trend…" (Koonce, 2001, para 15).
Another reason that diversity training may be needed in an organization is when there are obvious gaps in understanding between different people, caused by a variety of factors such as gender, age, race, ethnicity, or any other discriminating factor. For example, are there cliques that have formed in the franchise along gender, age, racial or ethnic lines? Or is there simply no diversity in the organization, and are you trying to attract more diverse employees? All of these situations are examples of organizations in which diversity training can be of great help to managers and employees alike.
Key Players in Diversity Training
There are many possible key players in diversity training. In the case of a McDonald's franchise, the franchise owner probably has the largest stake in success of that organization. Therefore, it would be important for the franchise owner to

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