Diversity Training Plan

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Diversity Training Plan Jennifer Perez HRM/326 May 23, 2016 Diversity Training Plan Many employers are unaware of the benefits of and ways to achieve workplace diversity. This Diversity and inclusion training plan provides this information. This plan is designed to be presented by an individual who is knowledgeable in diversity and business strategies and who is familiar with the company’s strategic business plan. By the end of this training the employee should be able to provide a clear understanding of what diversity is and what it is not, to raise a greater awareness and sensitivity to diversity issues that go well beyond…show more content…
Initiatives are presented along with measures to monitor and track progress. Objectives for the plan The company must develop retention programs, recruitment and outreach strategies that support our goal of being an employer of choice and one of the “Best Places to Work.” Our goal is to increase workforce diversity for the company while retaining the talent the company needs today and in the future. We must increase our use of both hiring flexibilities and workplace flexibilities to address issues of diversity and inclusion by doing the following (Diversity and Inclusion Plan, June 28, 2012). • Implementing outreach and recruitment efforts to minority-serving institutions, and institutions with diverse student populations to promote the company’s mission, vision and functions. • Developing and implementing an outreach plan to support all community segments (e.g., veterans, persons with disabilities, minorities, youth, women, etc.) for recruitment, information sharing, networking (creating connections) and public relations. • Personally mentoring, coaching and/or providing a support network to individuals from diverse backgrounds to build rapport, increase diversity awareness and sensitivity, and to pass on critical institutional knowledge. • Ensuring that employees participate in formal career development activities and have individual development plans when needed and/or requested. •
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