Diversity Vs Human Diversity

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Is a person a homosexual or do they simply identify as a female in a man’s body; is a lady African-American or does she simply have dark colored skin? These are two of the basic examples of how science and culture have differing opinions. In this work, I will examine the diametrically opposing views of science versus culture on human variation. The concepts of race versus skin color and gender versus sex will be the primary focal points of this writing. For the scientific perspective, data will be used from the works of both D. Crocetti, who holds a PhD in Science, Technology and Humanities. and G.D. James, who holds a doctorate degree in biological anthropology. These are both subject matter experts in their chosen fields of study. For the cultural perspective, I will primarily use my own experiences and observations to show the dichotomy between how culture and science view human variation. This dichotomy is especially apparent in both race vs physical appearance and gender vs sex, which are often highly debated and publicized topics in today’s world. In the following paragraphs I will highlight a few of those disagreements.

I have always believed that skin color is simply the color of a person’s skin, and while it can tell you where their ancestors came from, it is not a determinate that can tell you how they will act, think or their basic intelligence level. The scientific perspective supports this view, but explains not only how but why there is a
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