Diversity Within A Workforce Diversity

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Modern organizations strive to promote workforce diversity through different initiatives. Some organizations have started reaping the benefits of employees’ diversity at their workplaces. Some public and private organizations have promoted women and minorities to leadership positions, which was rear in the past. Despite the advantages diversity brings in various organizations and the initiatives taken by organizations to promote it, implementing it poses challenges in different organizations. Initiatives to promote diversity The demographic makeup of workforce, which created considerable changes compelled organizations to develop programs or plans meant to promote workforce diversity. Schermerhom et al (2011) defines workforce diversity…show more content…
This training assists leaders to recruit diverse candidates, provide conducive working condition for them, and discourage workplace discrimination. Advantages of diversity in both sectors Through participative management, diversity promotes interpersonal relationships and cooperation. When coworkers have harmonious working relationships, they develop trust, empathy, and can form productive teams. Furthermore, diversity stimulates innovation, creating, and sharing of information because of employees’ different backgrounds (heterogeneity). Sharing ideas can save the organization more money because employees find efficient methods of tackling problems. Moreover, diversity encourages productive competitiveness among employees in meeting organizational goals and objectives. In this case, no employee wants to be unproductive, hence diversity can promote effectiveness and increases productivity. Getting different ideas provides the leader with a pool of suggestions from which he can draw appropriate decisions. Again, diversity enlarges organizational capabilities and enhances access to diverse customer bases through employees’ different backgrounds. Challenges organizations face regarding diversity Despite all the initiatives and merits of diversity mentioned above, workforce diversity still poses some challenges to different organizations. The first challenge is to transform the male culture or domination of most organizations into multicultural

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