Diversity Within The Workforce Of International Tourism Enterprises

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As our world is increasing of globalization, many organizations cannot stress enough to interact with individuals with diverse background, culture, and social norms. Throughout this worldwide economy, competitions are constantly increasing. Many organizations, especially towards the hospitality industry strive to create diverse leadership teams, to be more creative, opening up to changes and accepting challenges. Indeed, diversity brings out many positive effects towards one’s organization, but it also hinders many negative factors, challenges and obstacles in the workforce such as communication barriers, discrimination issues, and training challenges if the organizations are not able to embrace diversity effectively. What does diversity…show more content…
It is clear that this industry relies heavily on diverse staff members in order to be sustainable and ensure success. One of the giant hotels, Marriot, an international hotel organization values diversity greatly and know that it is essential for individuals to embrace and understand the different in culture. According to the Marriot International website, they stated, “At Marriott International, diversity is more than a goal. It is our business. From our global workforce and vendors, to our franchisees, our customers and communities, our differences give our company its strength and competitive edge. In the process, we’ve set the standard for the entire hospitality industry” (Marriot International). As Marriot continues to evolve diversity and inclusion goals, it will support global growth leading to new opportunities in the community worldwide. Marriot has won plenty reward base on valuing diversity. Diversity participating in the workforce provides differences. Individuals coming from different cultures coming together as a team can provide different opinions, ideas, and approaches when it comes to problems and projects. In the hospitality industry, we need difference to stand out. Positive effect of a diverse workforce Nowadays, diversity plays an important role in the industries. To some individuals, diversity in the workplace means providing equal opportunities. The opportunities in the industry to hire the person base on
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