Diversity Within The Workplace And How Communication Is The Driving Force Behind It Essay

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Diversity in the workplace and how communication is the driving force behind it. Workplace diversity can be described as “all the differences in age, gender, sexual orientation, education, cultural background, religion, and life experience” (Okora & Washington, 2012, as cited in Mulkeen, 2008). Another functional definition of diversity is being cultural, racial, or sex-based. An organization’s definition and viewpoint concerning diversity guides the strength of its employees to connect and communicate adequately and profit from the betterment of diversity (Lambert, 2016).
Many arguments were covered throughout the literature; however, this review will center on three primary themes: increase of globalization in the United States, the relationship between workplace diversity and communication, cited last are the barriers to intercultural communication in a diverse workplace. The literature presents these themes in a variety of ways; however, the highlight of this analytical review is the employment of communication, and its relation to workplace diversity and an organizations success. This review will not focus on any one aspect of diversity, i.e. race or any particular race, but rather diversity as a whole; articles that were limited to one aspect of diversity were excluded from this review.
The implementation of reinforced interpersonal communication skills is the leading influence of workplace diversity; it is for that reason this topic is worthy of exploration through
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