Diversity Within The Workplace : Diversity

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Diversity in the Workplace

What diversity are we talking about? We have ethnic mixes, cultural differences, racial diversity, and religions across the spectrum, wide age ranges, class mixes, and sexual orientation options. The world is so connected that we are doing business by e-mail and computer transmission all over the globe at all hours of the day and week. We encounter a staggering variety of people every day. We have so many types of people in the workforce today that we must define what we mean by diversity.

In the workplace today, we have a staggering variety of cultures working side-by-side, blending untold influences together to achieve a business objective. The challenge for both workers and managers alike is to find ways to
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These categories would include age, ethnicity, gender, race, sexual orientation, and all of the aspects laid out in Title VII. The recent development of the importance of diversity can be seen as a direct offshoot of the implementation and enforcement of the guidelines of the EEOC following the passage of Title VII in 1964 and the Civil Rights Act of 1991. With businesses no longer allowed to discriminate on the basis of the above factors, the resulting profile of the workforce has begun to change into a much more varied demographic. Wholesale changes in attitudes are difficult to effect given the entrenched nature of the population but the legislation of business practices has a slow, trickle down effect on the workplace as a whole. People may grudging begin to work with different cultures and different races but after a period of time, they begin to change as they work in stressful and intimate settings with people they may not have associated with previously. In other words, workers are forced by law to work with “others” and have to put aside bias and prejudice in order to succeed in their career and their business. It is a matter of survival.

As generations grow and replace older workers, more and more acceptance of differences becomes the norm. Younger workers have been through schools and training where diversity is a part
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