Diversity Within The Workplace, Many People And Companies Encourage It

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When looking at diversity in the workplace, many people and companies encourage it. “Cultural diversity has become a defining characteristic of an increasing number of societies” (“Consequences of Cultural diversity” this should be the author and the date). They feel that it is a great thing to have diversity in the workplace, however, what some companies do not think about is the negative effects of having too much diversity in the workplace. “A workforce that has significant differences in ethnicity, race, religion, gender and other individual traits can produce negative effects, especially if not well-managed. These negative effects of diversity are understandable if the work culture does not support tolerance and acceptance of differences” (Kokemuller, DATE). Communication gaps and barriers are created that become very complicated. Once a manager hires employees from all over the world to come work in a large company, it increases the communication filters and flow of communication because not everything means the same thing in other countries. There also is more room for discrimination in a culturally diverse workplace. Diversity in the workplace is highly encouraged all over the world, but there are definite downsides if not executed properly. More issues with being vastly culturally diverse seem to occur opposed to being not as culturally diverse.
Some more specific examples of the negatives of being diverse in the workplace would be team building. When looking at…
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