Diversity: You, Your Community, and Your Country

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Diversity: You, Your Community, and Your Country Diversity: You, Your Community, and Your Country As a white woman, I am part of both a majority (white) and a minority (female) in the workplace and in most other settings, as well. I am also a Christian, and while that is still a majority in the United States, there are more and more people who are moving away from Christianity or choosing other forms of religion. In the future, being a Christian could put me into the minority. Being a single mother categorizes me, as well. The college town where I live with my daughter is an extremely diverse community. All different kinds of people are represented in that community. This is true not just in the schools, but in the leadership, too. I am not sure if my life is really affected that much by the groups of which I am a part. Many of the groups to which I belong in a societal sense are unchangeable. In other words, I cannot stop being female or white. Living in a diverse community has its perks. I think I am more easily accepted because there are so many different kinds of people in the community. There is no reason to judge someone for their color, their gender, or any other reason, because everyone is unique. If I lived in a community where there was very little diversity, I do not think acceptance would be so easy unless I "fit in" and appeared to be just like everyone else. I am also fortunate because the diversity in my community is such that most people work together
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