Diversity a Concept Analysis Essay

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DIVERSITY: A CONCEPT ANALYSIS TONYA BROOKS, AMY TALLEY, ANNAMMA THOMAS TEXAS WOMEN’S UNIVERSITY Abstract The concept of diversity is one that individuals may not think of when they think of nursing. Diversity is a major component to nursing and the care that is provided to patients. In this concept analysis, antecedent, attributes and consequences of diversity are identified. The following antecedents are: race, social economy, knowledge, gender, and education level. The attributes of diversity are individual, variety, perception, difference and civilization. The consequences of diversity are as follows; acceptance, decision making, cultural competency qualifications, respect, degrading, trusts…show more content…
Advance Practice Nurses exhibit holistic healthcare when they treat a patient as a whole and not just based on physical findings. For example, the APN is referring a patient without transportation for dialysis treatment three times per week; in addition, the APN will also find transportation resources for the patient or refer them to social services for further assistance. Aim of the Concept Analysis The aim of this concept analysis is to analyze and clarify how diversity influences nursing practice. According to Walker and Avant, “a concept is a mental image of a phenomenon; an idea or a construct in the mind about a thing or action.” (Walker & Avant, 2005, p. 26). The purpose of this concept analysis paper is to promote awareness and increase knowledge and understanding of the impact diversity plays in healthcare as it relates to the APN. In addition, diversity is an abstract concept, which can promote respect and appreciation for individuality. There is a substantial amount of information related to diversity; however, some researchers argue that a comprehensive understanding of the term diversity still awaits development. Relating Theory to Practice According to Walker and Avant (2005), theories provide a way of identifying and expressing key ideas about the essence of practice. Advanced Practice Nurses (APN) and other healthcare professionals incorporate many theories into
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