Diversity and Avoiding Conflict in Project Team

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Diversity and Avoiding Conflict PM/582 Executive Summary Understanding the organizations diversity, and successfully identify and handle conflict within a team environment is necessary to the success of all projects. The project leader must have the appropriate skill set to successfully understand how to lead diverse teams and identify, lead conflict in a positive manner and communicate appropriately to our customers. We want to ensure that our customers are receiving what product that they have requested. The project leader will also ensure the customer is full satisfied with all status updates and agrees with the timelines the project team has assembled. We want to ensure that the project team and the customer…show more content…
Components of effective conflict resolution skill set are ("5 Keys Of Dealing With Workplace Conflict", 2012): 1. Define acceptable behavior, such as creating a team charter that outlines what is okay and what is not okay. 2. Hit conflict head-on, it is not always possible to avoid conflicts, but don’t ignore it. Ignoring the conflict will allow it to build into something larger and could become larger. It is important to take a step back and identify and understand the conflict at that moment. 3. Understand the WIIFM factor. WIIFM stands for “What’s in it for me”. It is important to understand each person’s motivation so you can quickly address any potential conflicts that might arise. 4. The importance factor, pick you battles. Somethings don’t really matter, so take a look at the importance and the overall impact. By quickly addressing something small now, may prevent a larger conflict in the future. 5. View conflict as an opportunity. Conflict can offer many advantages for teaching and learning within the project team. It is important that as the project leader, you help navigate through the conflict and turn it into a positive learning opportunity for the team. Strategies to promote success The project leader needs to understand strategies to promote success within the project team. They are responsible to ensure that the team works together and
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