Diversity and Immigration

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Diversity and Immigration The United States is often called a melting pot because of the vast array of cultures that all live in the country. People have come from every corner of the world to settle in the United States. In recent years, the influx of immigration has become a contentious issue. Some people believe that the US is overpopulated and that further immigration poses a danger to the country while others contend that the US was built on immigration and that it is un-American to prohibit people from living here if they so wish. The articles "5 Myths About Immigration" and "The Challenge of Diversity" detail the different issues which are related to the immigration issue, both discuss the amount of immigration that occurs, the fear of immigrants taking jobs from American citizens, and the idea that immigrants are reluctant to assimilate into the American culture. People believe that there are more immigrants coming to the United States now than has ever been the case before. Many also think that the majority if immigrants are in the country illegally but this is not the case. In the Messner article (2012), it is stated that two-thirds of the immigrants are in the United States legally while many of the other third came to the country on legal visas but overstayed their visas (page 2). The Pakenham article (2004) agrees with this assertion (page 1). Americans tend to overestimate the number of immigrants who are here illegally; often the motivating factor for
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