Diversity and its Impact on Communities and Businesses Essay

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Diversity means a group of people who are different from other people to most people; however diversity isn’t a group of people because each and every one of us are unique through age, gender, races, ideas, imaginations, opinions, ethnics, religion, cultural beliefs, special talents, and a variety of other unique things.
Diversity can offer many opportunities to businesses owners because as more immigrants enter the U.S. the more diverse our nation becomes one of the things immigrants bring is their language. It is hard to communicate with people who are not familiar with the English language because some countries don’t offer a second language to learn. If our country was not diverse we would lack the communication with other countries.
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Alex created a big impact on people, since she was diagnosed cancer it made her different from other people, it is not a bad thing because if she was not diagnosed with cancer the ALSF would have not existed. She impacted the community to save children who are diagnosed with cancer makes her a huge inspiration to others in the community and businesses.
Clara Barton was a pioneer nurse who founded the Red Cross in Washington D.C., on May 21, 1881 with a few pf her acquaintances. She campaigned for an American Red Cross and for ratification of the Geneva Convention protecting the war-injured, which the United States ratified in 1882. Now the Red Cross help support members of the military and their families, collect blood, work with the FEMA to help government agencies and community organizations plan, coordinate and provide feeding, sheltering, and help family reunification services for people affected by disasters. During the 1800s women were not treated the same as men were treated. Women were treated differently by their gender, but Clara had proven wrong. If Clara never existed the Red Cross may not even exist and it may be possible that America could have lost the Spanish- American war and other major wars in the 1800s. Clara made a huge impact on the community.
Schools have now become more diverse, as education increases so does the variety people. In all GRPS, everyone is
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