Diversity at Coca Cola

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Diversity at Coca Cola Karrie McHugh Managing Global Diversity/Keller Coca Cola thought they had it all. Their product was selling rather well when they first started. They found through studies that one in every four people were drinking a soft drink and most of this early on was Coca Cola. In 2002, they were still doing great with over $3.9 billion in netted profits. They not only sold in the United States but in over 200 countries all together. They even diversified their product to where it was not just coke. They sold sprite, Diet Coke, and many others. The biggest hardship that they ran across was when they started their marketing trying to become…show more content…
Ÿ Established a mentoring program Ÿ Initiated executive briefings for senior management concerning diversity strategy. Ÿ Implemented a “Solutions” program that included an ombudsman and a hotline to resolve employees disputes. (Herman et al., 2002) Even with all the changes a survey implemented by the task force still says that minority employees still perceive that their career opportunities are not comparable to the whites. Now in a way I can see this being perceived early on. There was a lot of restructuring going on and Coca Cola had to move the employees around giving everyone an equal opportunity. The minorities were still saying that they were not being paid equally. With that being said, there are a lot of factors that needs to be considered that the report did not discuss. Were people equally qualified for the positions and their pay. Did they have the education necessary to be at the top, regardless of their race? That is a lot of what the pay is based off of. A lot of companies will pay an employee a bit more because they have an Associate, Bachelors or Master’ degree. For me to comment fairly on this, I would need to know the background of the employees and their education, not the race. Parker’s triangle really helps to explain why so many minority employees joined the lawsuit and how Coca Cola failed to manage
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