Diversity at Deloitte - Plans and Policies

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Gender & Diversity Plan and Policies
When talking about equality opportunities implemented by companies, we can make a differentiation between two different models, the liberal and the radical one.
The liberal model, described by Jewson and Mason, is emphasized on a philosophy of "sameness", where people should have access to and be assessed within the workplace as individuals, regardless of social category.
In the other hand, the radical approach is focused on a "positive discrimination" where employment practices are deliberately manipulated in order to obtain a fair distribution of those disadvantaged groups in the workplace, and it is also focused in achieving not only equality of opportunity but also equality of outcome.
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These activities give their professionals opportunities to gain knowledge and expand their networks and also provide them with another way to attract new talent. As part of these relationships, they help fund research and programs that build community and support career development for people of diverse backgrounds.

Some examples of current sponsorships include:

DiversityInc is a prime source for best practices and solutions to workplace diversity related challenges. The sponsorship makes it possible to expand the recruiting efforts as well as demonstrate the commitment to diversity in the marketplace. In addition, Deloitte leverages DiversityInc’s benchmarking data and analysis to increase awareness of the most progressive strategies companies and firms are employing, so that it can continue to be a true diversity leader.

Working Mother Media
Working Mother Media is solely focused on the challenges and tradeoffs that can impact working mothers and women of color. From their magazine to their robust website and inspiring conferences, Working Mother is a key resource for Deloitte to better understand these challenges and provide opportunities for people to leverage these resources. Deloitte is also an ongoing, premiere sponsor of the Working Mother Multicultural Women’s conference, as well as a sponsor of the Working Mother 100 Best Work Life
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