Diversity in American Culture and Civilization

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Diversity in American Cultures Background Historically there is no civilization or American culture. In the territory of today's America before the Spanish conquest, there were culturally heterogeneous societies, in broad regional shared, throughout its history and with a variable duration, the influence of common civilizational horizons. Introduction The extraordinary cultural diversity inherited from the original American cultures and of the Spain of the three great religions joined the cultural contributions of Africans, brought as slaves, first, and during the following centuries, the multi immigrants: Europeans diverse Muslims, Jews, Chinese, Japanese, etc. America is therefore in strongest sense of the term, is not just the country of mixed ethnic origins but also of all cultures. Although Western culture is dominant, there are tens of millions of people who speak different native languages and demand the right to defend their cultural identity. In recent decades the continent is undergoing a process of ethnicization, about the claims of Indian identity that is profoundly changing the political map of several countries in the region. In this paper two cultures discussed are Orthodox Judaism and Native American Indians. Judaism Today the Jewish population in the world amounts to about fifteen million people. According to 1991 data, the largest community was the U.S., with 5,850,000 people, followed by the State of Israel with 4,100,000 (Caro, 41). In
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