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Like it or not, there has always been diversity among students in the classroom. It is the fact that each and every student is unique. From every circumstance, students bring a varying set of values, perspectives, and beliefs to the learning environment. Understanding the character of students is important in order to become a competent teacher. In fact, teachers should be aware and recognize students, as unique individuals, all acquire information differently than others. Some of these differences are due to developmental variations in cognitive, physical, intellectual, moral, emotional, and social changes caused by maturation and experience. And this reality of classroom conditions makes instruction much more challenging for teachers and…show more content…
Among their interest in the education of ethnic-minority Deaf college students, they are best known for their notable achievements in addressing various aspects in education of the Deaf. For example, Dr. Ila Parasnis has not only published and presented her works at different conferences but she has also edited several books on cultural identity and diversity in Deaf Education. As for Dr. Susan D. Fischer’s accomplishments, it mainly lies in the publication of 28 different citations in several journals as well as chapters in books that relate to the cultural diversity for deaf education (Author Detail). With all this in mind, it is clear that these professors have studied and gained in-depth knowledge for many years about the field of Deaf Education that they are able to speak about issues relating to the field as authoritative and credible figures.
Now, the authors have stated three main points in this article regarding improvements to the education of ethnic-minority Deaf college students. First, the authors emphasize the importance of diversity in the work force so that students can make their own decisions in choosing their own role models. This article states that “role models are both essential and critical. They serve several purposes: (1) We talk about the importance of cultural diversity, but having that kind of representation on campus demonstrates a real commitment on

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