Diversity in Groups

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Module Five: Diversity in Groups Eli Neff ITT Technical Institute The modern day business model depends on many different factors in order to be successful. One of the most important factors in both internal and external business affairs is the ability to effectively communicate within different cultures, also known as intercultural communication. Intercultural communication happens when two groups or individuals from different backgrounds come together to communicate (Lanqua Team). With the growing amount of diversity in the workplace, intercultural communication is becoming more and more important when leading a business. Globalization With the invention of the internet, businesses across the globe are finding it easier and…show more content…
Celebrating what makes us different, be it cultural values, beliefs, or even skills makes for better teamwork. Seeing how someone is different from you rather than the same forces you to look at them as an individual and understand why they hold the beliefs they do. Becoming more tolerant of others in the workplace is simple but for some people can be very difficult. We must constantly evaluate our own behavior and beliefs in order to treat people fairly. Our prejudices can lead to discrimination, which leads to poor team communication and an unfriendly or even unsafe work environment. Some ways of dealing with the challenges a diverse workplace provides are identifying and eliminating barriers to the utilization of diversity, creating a structure for dealing with personal conflicts, fostering relationships between people in the workplace with different cultural or personal backgrounds, and identifying when miscommunications between members happen so they can be clarified and avoided later. (Johnson & Johnson, 2013) Conclusion Embracing each other’s cultural and personal background and beliefs is the key to a healthy and functional diverse workplace. Diversity is unavoidable in today’s business model since globalization is at its zenith, and making sure that we are tolerant of others is the best way to keep it there. One of the many challenges that business
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