Diversity in Law Enforcement: the Report Essay

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Written by: Egidio A. Diodati Managing Diversity: Gender and Other Issues Case Analysis Problem Statement The Everly Police Department is facing a problem in which there is not an policy or procedure in which complaints from the newly formed Diversity Complaint Bureau can follow to resolve the complaints that are being submitted. Analysis Recently a report was made public by the Minority Police Officers Organization regarding the lack of diversity within the Everly Police Department. Results detailed the fact the Everly Police Department is a male dominated and paramilitary force and it has not taken any steps in order to promote or celebrate it. Numbers show that the majority of all force members are white males, with…show more content…
He gave advice saying ‘to be the best at what she did’. As now the assistant superintendant of police for administration, one of Linda’s roles was to manage the results of the recently released report, paid for by the Minority Police Officers Organization, on the diversity within the Everly Police Department which came back as quite damaging to the force. Linda was told that her job was to do the damage control for the results. Linda was able to relate and react to some of the complaints being issued and brought forward by fellow department employees as she too has been the subject to gender and sexual harassment in the workforce and has seen others be subject to the same. Linda was influenced by her father to succeed and move higher in the force if she wished to do so. As woman in the male dominated career field she knew it would not be easy and her father was the one who gave her advice on how to proceed, especially if someone got in her way and told her she could not do it, or gave her difficultly doing what she has wanted. Linda knew that even though she was a woman, there was no job within the department that a man could do better than her. With these thoughts she proceeded to move up and not letting anyone get in her way. I believe that the Everly Police Department could have indeed avoided the situation in which they have now found themselves in. Should the Everly Police
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