Diversity in Training and Development

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This practice has fostered inclusiveness in the workplace, maximized talents, strengthened customer relevance and enabled the company to deliver innovative solutions to business practices. The company offers the following statistics to support this claim: 27 percent of U.S. officers are women as compared to 17.9 percent in the retail industry, 42 percent of U.S. first and mid-level managers are women; the number of minority associates has increased by 5 percent. Over the last year 38 percent of executive vice president promotions were women, 34 percent of officer promotions were women with 22 percent being people of color; 27 percent of corporate officers were women with 20 percent being people of color; 54 percent of hourly associates promoted in stores and clubs were women; and 77 percent of store and club operations managers started as hourly associates.
Diversity Efforts at Wal-Mart
Top Management Support
Creation of Chief Diversity Officer to promote diversity within the organization. Provides opportunities for advancement and growth through mentoring programs, sponsorship programs, various leadership courses and Associate Resource Groups enabling associates can connect, collaborate and celebrate their diversity.
Employee Support
Endeavor to help individuals develop…

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