Diversity in the US Military

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DIVERSITY IN THE U.S MILITARY The United States Army is a gigantic institute with an international presence. One of its fundamental sources of power is the diversity of its personnel, which includes 1.6 million workforce across the active, reserve, civilian, and contractor parts. While the Army was at the vanguard of ethnic incorporation in the 1950s and at present is one of the most assorted institutes in the U.S., further advancement must be made on the diversity front. The term "diversity" can be classified along countless aspects; this paper concentrates on racial diversity since the exceptional and traditionally important role that race has in matters of diversity in the Army. Internal communications concerning delegate leadership throughout the force, the Army sketches power from its cultural and racial diversity. If we expand solutions to develop the circumstances for the biggest minority group in the Army (blacks), those solutions will furthermore profit other minorities, including the second biggest minority group, Hispanics. Furthermore, stress is placed upon the combat branches for the reason that they provide the principal channel to the senior ranks of the Army. Nevertheless, it is imperative to identify that Congress limits service in the combat arms to men; all women including black women are not allowed to be a part of these branches. As a result, women at present cannot way in this channel. If Congress abolishes the gender constraint on combat arms
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