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“Demographics of the US population have changed dramatically in the last three decades. These changes directly impact the healthcare industry in regard to the patients we serve and our workforce” (Borkowski, 2012). In fact, Voutsas (2011) argues that the U.S workforce is the most demographically heterogeneous workforce in the world and he believes that this is due to major changes and diversity .Borkowski (2012) also states that the significant changes in the US populations has been seen greatly in regards to gender, age ,and race and ethnicity .
In 1960, Gathers (2003) reports that white males made up 60 percent of the U.S workplace. In 2000, Gathers (2003) reports that the workforce was composed of approximately 12
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Thus, for example, he reports that African Americans occupy about 5 percent of healthcare executive positions. The Institute of Diversity in Health Management, maintains that only 1 percent of CEOs in health services organizations are minorities (Gathers, 2003).
Weech-Maldonado et al., (2012) believes that these changes have created a more diverse workforce and clientele. Voutsas (2011) believes that the workforce would continue to be diverse in terms of culture, ethnicity, gender, and age. As the population becomes increasely diverse, health care organizations will be required to respond appropriately .Brown and Mack (2011) states that “in order for American industry to out-innovate the rest of the world diversity matters”. Gathers (2003) is of the opinion that organizations should mirror the communities and societies that they represents .Therefore, Cross (2010) states that organizations must adjust their missions, visions, goals, values, strategies, and cultures in order to reflect the diversity of

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