Diversity in the Workplace

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Diversity in the Workplace Amber Barger ORG536 – Contemporary Business Writing and Communication Colorado State University –Global Campus Dr. Phillip Jackson November 26, 2013

DIVERSITY IN THE WORKPLACE As companies start to regain their footing after the recent economic downturn,


factors such as the rising number of immigrants, mergers of large corporations, the popular use of temporary workers and the increasing globalization of business, has forced the American workforce to become more diverse (White, 2009). While businesses begin to communicate more with other businesses around the world, it is equally important to remember the advantages of becoming diverse domestically.
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So putting more people of color on the sales floor, and in executive positions, is really a no-brainer in any company”. Customers that can relate to representatives are more inclined to do business with that particular company. To give an example, Toyota works to find highly capable minority employees by going outside of the automobile industry to get someone who is energetic and shows potential in becoming an automobile dealer. After they find the right person, Toyota then puts that person through a lot of training, giving them the tools and resources they need to become successful in the industry (Prenhall.com). Toyota’s ability to look for personal traits instead of a person’s years of experience in the field has given them the reputation of being minority friendly. This has potentially given them an advantage over other automakers, also giving them the potential to out-perform Wall Street. As the business environments continue to increase in the level of globalization, companies find it rewarding to continue to invest in the development and expansion of their own diverse teams. They do this by following the guidelines and strategies outlined by Daniels earlier. The more a company reaches out to the minority communities, the more recognition the company gains; also earning them a top-notch reputation by consumers. Another benefit of
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